samedi 7 février 2009

On est IN pour le Day 2

Quatre heures trente du mat, on vient de terminer la première journée de l'European Deep Stack Championships il y a pas longtemps. J'ai survécu avec un tapis pile dans la moyenne. J'ai quelques regrets sur certains coups mais dans l'ensemble je suis plutôt satisfait.

Voici mon compte-rendu, en anglais pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter. Rassurez-vous, c'est du jargon poker, pas bien difficile à comprendre.

Ce tournoi à une structure exceptionnelle, j'ai donc pu jouer beaucoup de mains et ai beaucoup de choses à raconter. Je suis pas sur que tout soit très intéressant, mais au pire, ça me permettra de me rappeler de mon expérience quand j'aurai tout oublié (d'ici deux jours donc) Allons y.

Disclaimer : I haven't reread this before hitting the publish button. It's six am and I wanna go to bed.

Blinds : 25/50. My stack : 50,000

I win the very first hand dealt at the European Deep Stack Championships when I call a raise from the big blig with Q5ss and value bet my queen-high on the turn. No takers. Minutes later I raise with AQo, then c-bet the K88 flop. My lone opponent check/calls, then proceeds to check turn 7 turn and 9 river. He turns over 77 for a poorly played full house. I already like this table. I don't recognize anyone except for last year's winner on my right. I win a few pots (AT of clubs on a 873 flop with 2 clubs, 54 on T53) and loose some (KT, 88), before my first key hand happens.

Last year's winner (LYW) raises UTG. I call UTG+1 with 99. Guy on tilt (from having lost a big pot minutes before) also calls, in position. The flop is KQ9 rainbow. I flopped bottom set. LYW bets 500. I just call. Tilt-guy raises to 3,200. LYW re-raises to 11,000. What do I do with my set ? I snap-fold. I already know I have exactly one out against both opponents combined. As expected, those two put the rest of their money on the 6 turn. Tilto has KQ for top two (meh). LYW has an obvious JT for the flopped nut straight. River is a blank and LYW has already doubled up. I'm quite glad I only lost the minimum with my monster.

After making that simili hero-fold, I'm gonna make a hero-call against some French dude. I raise with TT, and the frog calls on the button. The flop is J24 with two clubs. I c-bet, the guy raises, fuck it, I'm not folding. Turn isnt pretty, another club, an 8. I go into check/call mode. It's getting uglier on the river : K of hearts. I can only beat a bluff. I 3,200 and that's what the guy has.

Blinds : 50/100. My stack : 54,025

LYW raises from the small blind. I call with JJ from the small blind. Flop is 9T4 with two clubs. I call a bet. Check/check on the Q turn. I bet 700 on the 5 river and he check folds.

Then I get KJ twice, I raise both times, c-bet once, check-fold the second one, and lose the minimum. I make my first bluff against Frenchie : I double barrel with KT on a low board. He calls twice and show 88 on the river.

I get deal a real hand, Kings, and raise in middle position. Cutoff and button calls, I'm out of position. I bet the 753 flop (two hears) and get raised to 3,200. Obviously I'm not folding, this smells of an informative raise (one of the most useless concepts in poker) Turn is another 7. We check/check. River is a Q. I bet 5,000, get snap-called, and my Kings are good.

Blinds : 75/150. My stack : 56,650

I take down the blinds with AK and A3. I limp, then call a raise with A7 of hearts. The flop is J97 with two hearts. Yummy ! I, no point on getting too excited in my opinion. I check call again on the turn (a five), and finally hit a heart on the river. I bet 6,000 but don't get called.

Then I limp, then call again with AT offsuit. I flop top two. No action on the flop. I bet the turn, he calls. We check the river and I missed some value : he had Kings and would prolly have put some money.

I win four small pots in a row with hands like AJ and 76 of clubs. I tell myself I did good not going to the bathroom after the break, since I made tons of money already, a few hands into the level.

There's a new guy at the table. I welcome him by raising his small blind with 96 offsuit. Oops, frenchie re-raises and I fold. One guy gets eliminated after badly misplaying his Aces (not a rare occurrence in this tournament)

Two guys limp and I reraise from the small blind with AA. Only one guy calls and I flop the nuts on A84 offsuit. I make a continuation bet, and he calls. Turn is a King, I check to induce some bluffs, and he checks. Too bad. I bet the 3 river, and he snap calls, saying « you got lucky » and showing A8 for top two on the flop. I say « yeah i got lucky » and show my set. He thought I had AK. By the way, it's gonna soon become clear this guy is the fish at the table, seeing 99% of flops and playing awfully passive. Everyone is quite passive, and during the first six levels, I won't meet any kind of resistance from my opponents. There's no tough player at the table, no one fighting, just people playing their hands poorly by making all kind of mistakes. Small mistakes, granted, but they add up.

Blinds : 100/200. My stack 65,425

I don't play any hand for 20 minutes, folding rags while flicking trough my Ipod (today's playlist : Dylan, Hendrix, the Juno soundtrack, Belle & Sebastian and Incubus) I limp on the cut-off with QT of hearts. Both blinds join the fun. Flop is 952 with two hearts. Frenchie donk-bets 700 from the big blind. With my million outs, I reraise to 2,225. He tanks before folding, showing a 9. I wouldnt have minded a call.

The guy two to my right (with a dead stack between us) is quite active, and I think I missed some preflop re-steal opportunities.

Then a key hand, against the fish I mentionned earlier. I raise UTG+1 with 97 of diamonds. The fish re-raise to 2,200. First time he reraises, rest of the time he was in full calling-station full. So he can only have KK+ and AK. I decide to call, certain I'll make tons of money if I outdraw him. Flop is a beautiful 992. I check and he bets 3,000. I don't check-raise in case he has AK. I should have. Anyway, I call the turn scells the deal for me : another deuce giving me a full house. I check again, he bets 7,000 and I make a funky mini re-raise to 14,000. River is a Jack. I ask the fish how much he got left : 28,000. Hmm, he has enough for me to go all-in into the 40K pot, but I might loose him. I make a bet he cannot fold to : 10,000. He snap calls and shows the obvious Aces. I drag my biggest pot of the day.

Blindes : 100/200, ante 25. My stack : 93,825 !

Things are looking good, four hours into Day 1 !

I limp with AT off. No raises and we are four to see the KQ6 flop with two spades. I have the ace of spades. I bet, and only the button calls. We check the 6 turn and I luckbox the river with a Jack giving me the nuts. I bet 1,200, he snaps and shakes his head in disgust.

Then I value bet 3rd pair on the river against the fish, and he calls me with 4th pair. Thin value for the win ! Then I double barrel a flush draw, I hit on the turn but my opponent folds. That guy (and others) have weird habits regarding his preflop raises. With 100/200, ante 25 and one limpers, he would always raise to 600, and therefore get called in 56 places. Obviously he lost most of the pots he played, excepted when he flopped good.

I stay quited, apart from one pot I take down with an UTG raise, I had AQ suited. Then I get Aces again. The fish raises to 600 preflop, and I make it 1,900. He calls and check/folds the 67T flop. « You got my number », he says. Too bad he didnt have Jacks or something like that.

Blinds : 150/300, ante 50. My stack : 98,800

The empty seat on my right is finally filled, it's a french guy with a Winamax shirt (though he hasn't qualified via our site, thanks for the free ad !) He's five hours late but still have 47,000 left ! Amazing structure, this tournament. I raise early with 75 of diamonds, the fish calls from the SB, and check folds the AK8 flop. Heh heh. In a multiway unraised pot, I bet on the T556 turn with AT and take it down. I raise with KJ of hearts and get three callers. I miss the flop, the turn and the river, but nobody bets and I take it down on a river with a bet. I'm feeling good, playing lots of hands and never losing a pot.

I still manage to lose a small one agains the fish (I feel bad for calling him this way, he was extremely nice and cheerful, even after busting out) I raise my KQ, then c-bet the 9 high flop – he calls and I check fold the 9 turn. He shows a winner : 77.

I call a raise with K9 of clubs from the small blind, the raise was 900 and we're four to see the flop T22 flop with two clubs. Nobody bets and I take it down with a 2,800 bet on the 2 turn. Jeeze, no resistance at all, I get away with anything.

Blinds : 200/400, ante 50. My stack : 101,900

Back from dinner-break, I promise myself not to make any silly move. Like wasting 15K on a big bluff on the river. Hmm.

Things go a little bir sour. I go for the aggressive option with AQ, and reraise the active guy on my right. He calls and I completely miss the 567 flop (with two spades – I have none). I cannot bet. We check the flop and active guy bets 6K on the 2 turn. I fold sheepishly. Bad hand.

A few hands later, I raise with J8 of clubs and the same guys calls on the SB. This time I know I can bet any flop, after butchering the last hand. I proceed to do so on the 995 flop, and he checks folds saying something like « you have it. » I ask him to pick one of my cards, he turns over the Jack.

Then I do exactly what I promised myself not to do. My friends told me the bluff wasn't that bad, but still it hurts when it fails. Everybody folds to Winamax frenchie on the small bad. He raises to 1,200. He's not dangerous and I feel that I'm gonna outplay him some with my JT off. The flop is Queen high with two spades. He bets 2,000. I call confidently. Turn is another spade. I might have a gutshot at that point, but I'm not sure. He bets 2,000 again ! I feel like this is some kind of « I give up » bet. He has nothing but wants to try one last time to steal the pot. I make it 8,000. He's not happy but calls fairly quickly. I completely miss the river and my opponent checks. Only way to win this pot is to bet big. I put 15,500 in the 22,000 pot. He tanks and I start to shake after two solid minutes. He finally makes the call : my read was way off on the turn as he had AQ with the nut-flush draw Ace of Spades. Fuck fuck fuckety fuck. I'm lost 27,000 with Jack High and I'm gutted. Everyone had the table congratulates the guy, but also me for having the guts to make that sick move ! I'm not so sure I wanna be congratuled right now.

Then I lose some more chips by missing flops with hands like 85 or 75 suited.

Blinds : 300/600, ante 75. My stack : 70,425

I'm in a sad mood but I'm not tilting. There's three hours to go on Day 1 and my goal is still to win those chips back ! But I don't have any playable hands.. I steal the blinds with Q8 and QJ, both suited. Now I have only 100 BB ( I know, it seems weird to write) I don't wanna have to call a reraise with those hands anymore. Too expensive. I take another pot preflop with AK off (raised early) I call a raise with AQ and miss. Not a very active level !

Blinds : 400/800, ante 100. My stack : 68,000

First time I start a level with less chips in my possession that the previous one. Now I have significatively less than 100BB and I have that cause I'm loving playing this shit like a cash-game (a power cash-game with 1,000 at some point !)

I don't wanna mess my right neighbour anymore, and fold my J4 after his bet on a KJ7 flop – I was on the BB and he had just called preflop.

Then another important hand, where I got lucky. I'm tired of not playing a hand at all and raise in early position to 2,425 with AJ off. One, two, three callers. Fuck ! I need a jack, not sure I want an Ace here. Flop is J82 with two clubs. Perfect. I bet 7,225, ready to put the rest is necessary – if someone has 22 or 88, well gg me. They all fold. I pick up a nice 10,000 profit.

Then there's an amazing hand when the french on my right make the very first four-bet of the day (at the entire table !), and get called – for 12,000 total. The flop is Q56 and the caller donk-bets 15,000. The french goes all-in instantly, almost screaming « I have Aces » on top of his lungs. The other guy is disgusted beyon belief but have not choice to make the difficult – but kinda obvious – laydown with his Kings. Everyone knows the french has Aces, but he still feels compelled to show them.

Blinds : 500/1,000, ante 100. My stack : 72,200

Last level of the day ! I raise A2 of clubs on the button, get called by the small blind. We check all the way and my Ace high wins against his King Queen. French on my right raises, I call on the cutoff with 88, button joins the fun, and I fold on the J92 flop. Frenchie shows 22 for a flopped set. Running good, that guy.

After a badly played small pot with QJ, I'm down to 65,000. Short-stack goes all-in early for 17,000. I'm on the cutoff with 55, and I want to gamble. Fuck this shit. I call and I'm heads up against A9 of hearts. It's a race ! (shoutout to PokerListings) I fucking win, bust my first player of the day, and I'm happy. Then I bet 2,900 in position, with 44 on a AA6 flop. The pot was limped and my three opponents fold. I rake the pot, saying « I swear I have it ».

Surinder Sunar arrives at the table, and promptly looses 20,000 of his 80K stack against another arrival. That guy is gonna bluff both of us a few minutes later. I'm sick over this hand. I raise early with JT of hearts. The soon-to-be bluffer calls, as does Surinder in the small blind. I flop something on QJ2 offsuit. One heart. Sunar checks, I check (dunno why), and the guy bets 3,600. Surinder calls, and so do I (what's going on with me ?)

Turn is a 4. Sunar checks, I check again, guy bets 6,500. Sunar folds, and so do I. Bluffer show 78 of spades. Fuck me. Right after this disaster of a hand, I'm moved to a new table where John Kalmar (2006 WSOP ME finalist) is holding court with a 250,000 stack. I fold five hands in a row and Day 1 is officially over.

Final Day 1 stack : 78,900

99 players remain out of 154. Today blinds will be 600/1,200, ante 100 at the start of the day. I'm just above the average stack. I feel like I'm gonna have to get lucky to survive.

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