mardi 25 novembre 2008

Fast trains doesn't make you run better

Well, I guess it makes sense to write this post in english, so that my fellow colleagues who can't read french get, for once, a chance to get to know what I write about them. Enjoy, fellas – I won't do that often.

So, my canadian friend Matt Showell (one of my favorite poker journos from one of my favorite poker websites) invited me to play the PokerListings Run Good Challenge II, along with a few of the best poker bloggers around. Now, by which process I've been chosen to stand among such writing luminaries as the almighty DrPauly, Michelle Lewis, Change100 or ShortStacked Shamus is beyond my understanding (especially since, as Dan Michalski stated before, «Benjo might absolutely suck at writing for all we know»), but I took up the challenge anyway. After all, playing a two-table freeroll with a thousand dollars up for grabs isn't an opportunity that shows up very often.

I had already been invited by Matt to play the first edition of the RGC a few months ago... But I had to decline the offer, since all the tournaments were scheduled at times where I was busy covering land based tournaments – EPT, WSOP-E, and such.

Now, my schedule hasn't changed much since, and still involves a sick amount of travelling (I've slept home something like seven or eight days total since early September), but I said yes anyway, figuring I'll find a way or another to cram in a little bit of online fun with my friends in between my already packed schedule.

Anyway, sunday night was the night of the first leg of RGC, part II. The tournament was scheduled at 8pm, French time – tricky thing is that I had to catch a train to Lille at 8.26pm, after covering an amateur tournament in Lyon over the week-end. Luckily, I managed on last minute to get my hands on one of those magical 3G USB devices that allow you to connect to the intertubes anywhere, anytime. I figured I would only sit out a few hands before hopping the train.

Of course, the fucking train was fucking late (not because of a strike, as some anti-french joked later at the table, though, ironically, there was actually a strike going on that day – but my train wasn't concerned) and I had to wait outside in the cold for what seemed to be ages - it was absolutely freezing.

Finally, the train arrived – I dumped my heavy suitcase and hurried to my seat, fired up the laptop, plugged the 3G device, and launched PokerStars. My table opened automatically upon logging in, so I was quickly able to find out that my stack had flattened from 1,500 to 1,155. The blinds were aldready up to 25/50 – I had missed the entire first 30 minutes of the tournament. Only one of the 14 players participating had busted out.

I was given a warm welcome by the five players at my table. I knew almost all of them. I quickly enquired who were the players hiding behind the nicknames I didn't recognize. Anti-French jokes were flying – I did my best to try to shut them by raising my second effective hand of the tournament, 88 UTG+1. I got two callers and won the pot with a continuation bet on a fairly non-threatening J-5-3 rainbow flop. That immediately put me back to my starting stack, but sadly that profit would instantly dissapear on the next hand, thanks to the Poker Shrink (someone I don't know personally but that I enjoy reading – Plus, he said he was reading my blog. Thanks, Doc, I'll add you to my links !) when I unwisely slowplayed my turned nut straight and stupidely raised when the Ace on the river simultanously paired the board and put a third diamond on it. The Shrink just flat called my final re-raise with his queen-high flush, but I would have folded to a shove anyway.

At that point, this already long story can fast forward safely to a conclusion, since 1/ I was never able to recover and make a significant impact on the tournament, not in the least because 2/ My 3G device kept disconnecting once the train had started moving (at a speed of 300 kilometers an hour, this kind of issue could have been predicted), preventing me from playing more than a couple of hands every five minutes, provoking a flurry of well deserved banter from my american friends.

I played long enough to witness Dan Michalski's elimination on a very bad play, then be a part, albeit shortly, of the final table with Pauly, Change1OO, Jason Kirk and Amy Calistri, among others. I ended up pushing my six BBs on the small blind with T8 of hearts, only to get called by lovely cougar Michelle Lewis who was sitting on the big blind with pocket sevens. I lost the race and was out in eight position, far away from the money.

I struggled to follow the rest of the tournament between frequent disconnections, but fell asleep before its conclusion.

Here are the final rankings :

Winnar : Zclub (Las Vegas) $600
2nd/ Blue123 (Austin) $300
3rd/ Real Texan (Houston) $100
4th/ LFISBRTL (Coquitlam)
5th/ Up4Poker (Evansville)
6th/ TNSpaceman (Ashland City)
7th/ DrPauly (New York)
8th/ Benjo_DiMeo (Marseille)
9th/ change1OO (Los Angeles)
10th/mooninjune (Davidson)
11th/RiverDan72 (Las Vegas)
12th/Young_J_son (Suffern)
13th/Dave702 (Las Vegas)
14th/KidDynamite4 (New York)

Thanks to everyone for suffering trough my constant disconnections. Congratulations to the PokerShrink for mercilessly beating two women to claim victory in the first leg of the Run Good Challenge II. Next leg is scheduled on saturday at 8pm, French time – I will be in Paris covering another tournament at that time, but I'll be able to play between updating hands, hopefully with a better connection.

Hope you liked my first post ever written in english. There might be more in the future if you did. Though 99% of my audience might hate me for doing so. We'll see.

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Anonyme a dit…

Muy bien, Benjo!

Pauly a dit…

Nice job. Will you get flamed by your normal readers for this post en anglais?

Anonyme a dit…

Good job Benjo, you are almost as interesting in english as in french !

Anonyme a dit…

Ca fait toujours du bien de réviser son anglais, tu peux compter au moins un lecteur qui restera :D

François a dit…

As enjoyable as in French ! I'm pretty sure there are more than 1% of your usual readers who can still love your blog, even in English.

Arnaud a dit…

Je l'ai lu car c'est toi , mais c'est quand meme pas la même chose :-)

( Il en fallait bien un qui rale...)

Anonyme a dit…

moi aussi j préfère le français cela dit c'est sympa pour les autres...

Anonyme a dit…

Un post en anglais? EN ANGLAIS?!? Sacre bleu! :-)

Maintenant je devrais essayer d'écrire un post en français...mais mon francais n'est pas aussi bon que votre anglais. Peut-être ce n'est pas une si bonne idée.

(FTR - j'ai écrit ceci avec l'aide de Babelfish, mais une partie de elle est réellement mon propre français. C'a été beaucoup d'années, mais je me rappelle toujours un peu.)

Anonyme a dit…

fairly good, but better in french :)

Yes pauly , he will get burned , like jeanne d'arc , in rouen .

Xerxes a dit…

That's nice, you are funny in english too.

Nice job.

Short-Stacked Shamus a dit…

Merci bien pour tes mots en anglais, Benjo. J'essaie de lire le français, mais je ne comprends pas tout.

Bonne chance la semaine prochaine!

Anonyme a dit…

I was reading the stuff and imagining you pronoucing it.
It was reaaallly funny :)

Good job anyway ;)

Unknown a dit…

I made the on strike joke, but I'm hardly anti-french. I have french blood, monsieur.