dimanche 7 décembre 2008

No Show

Well, this is gonna be a brief recap, as I did not show up in time to play the third leg of PokerListings Run Good Challenge II. Having played the first two legs in France, my mind was firmly set on an 8pm starting time. Alas, in the meantime, I've came back home in London (sort of, as I'm still homeless - more on that in a future post) and forgot to remember that I would have to show up one hour earlier than usual to play the tournament, due to time zones differences. When I logged on PokerStars at 7.45pm, thinking I was 15 minutes early, registration had been closed for almost an hour. Fuckety fuck.

It sucks, considering that I was so eager not to miss the tournament that I stepped out of the bus during the ride from Clapham to Hyde Park and jumped in a taxi to make sure I would be there on time. It cost me a ridiculous £19 which in the end didn't help at all.

Oh well, at least my win from last week secured me a seat in the Grand Final, which will be a nine-player affair with a $2,500 prize-pool. As they did during the previous three tournaments, PokerListings will be footing the bill, making this potentially lucrative game a complete freeroll. Sweet !

At the time of this tournament (next Saturday, 8pm local time), I will probably still be busy providing commentary and analysis in French for the Prague EPT live show, and will do my best to focus on both games. Yes, again I will be mixing work with fun, this time in Czech Republic. Unprofessionnal behaviour, or masterful multi-tasking ? You'll be the judge.

Business, or pleasure ? I'll have both.

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Jennifer a dit…

Missed you there but wishing you luck in the final next week!

Fuckety fuck. Is that French?

Anonyme a dit…

le blog est exclusivement en anglais maitenant ? snifffffffffff


Anonyme a dit…

On dirait que c'est écrit par un vrais anglais.
Du coup j'ai pas trop le courage de traduire.
Vivement le retour en français